I Got Fit

The book

It was during highschool that the author started to take his fitness very seriously, and by the time he entered his final year of university, he had become quite a physically active person. However, it was only after undergoing a fitness test that he realized that all that training helped him reach a level of fitness comparable to that of elite athletes.

This was accomplished with no coaching, professional support and I was definitely not a full time athlete. This book reflects on that journey and the scientific principles of how we can reach higher levels of fitness.

Here is the back cover description

When a treadmill test reveals he has the aerobic fitness of an elite athlete, the author comes to the realization: You do not need to be a professional to get very fit. I Got Fit outlines how you can do it as well. Brushing aside the fads and gimmicks the author draws instead on the sound collective wisdom of reputable exercise scientists, doctors and researchers to explore the simple yet powerful training and nutrition principles that help develop endurance and fitness. This science combined with the author's own powerful fitness journey makes this book a compelling case for all of us to explore the limits of our own physical capacities. I Got Fit challenges us to believe that achieving a very high level of fitness is possible even for the average, non-athletic person.

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George Cho