What can I expect from a visit with a Naturopathic doctor?


Below are answers to common questions people may have regarding how ND's practice and what to expect from your consult with a Naturopathic doctor.


Where do Naturopathic doctors practice?  

Similar to family physicians, Naturopathic doctors typically work in a medical office-type of setting. They often collaborate with other health professionals such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, massage therapists, etc.


How long is a typical visit? 

This really depends on the ND, but you may expect to be with your ND for about 1 hour for the initial consult and about 30 minutes for follow-up visits. 


I'm visiting my Naturopathic doctor for the first time; what happens? 

Typically this will be a longer visit in which the Naturopathic doctor will do a thorough medical intake including past medical history, lifestyle habits, mental health history, current social health, etc. The Naturopathic doctor will typically not just fixate on your one health concern but will want to get to know you as an individual and as a whole-person so that he/she can get a more wider perspective on your health. This allows the doctor to address your health concerns from a more wholistic perspective. 

The visit will also include: physical examinations,  a treatment plan, and recommendations of any  necessary labs.

The practices of Naturopathic doctors vary, but this gives a general snapshot of what happens during an initial consult. 

What happens during a follow-up visit? 

The Naturopathic doctor will typically review your health concern(s), address any changes or new symptoms, talk about how the treatment plan is going and adjust accordingly, follow up on lab reports, and perform any necessary physical exams.


Do Naturopathic doctors perform physical exams? 

Yes. They are trained to do similar physical exams as that of medical doctors and nurses. 
They are trained to use the stethoscope, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, etc.


Do Naturopathic doctors order labs? 

"Yes." Lab work is key to understanding health conditions and a Naturopathic doctor orders many of the standard tests that other health care professionals such as Physicians and Nurse practitioners do.  To see a list of labs that a Naturopathic doctor orders, click here.


Does OHIP cover my Naturopathic visit?

No. Similar to dentists, patients usually pay through medical and health insurance plans or out of pocket. 


George Cho