All clinical services rendered by Cho Fitness & Exercise Medicine Consulting is in collaboration with a patient's Naturopathic doctor or Medical doctor. 

If you are a Naturopathic doctor or Medical doctor interested in referring a patient to us, please fill out the "Service Request for ND's/MD's" form in the "Forms" page of this website. If you are an individual seeking services for yourself, please fill out the "Service Request For Patients" form. Alternatively, please call 647-853-3455 if that is the preferred method of communication.


In-Home Training

We are an in-home medical exercise service. The clinic is the patient's home. A certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP) will design an exercise program that is individualized to you and appropriate to your medical needs. He/she will work through the program with you in the comfort and convenience of your own house, condo, apartment or an outdoor location close to your residence. Your CEP will also provide an exercise program to complete on other days of the week as well as discuss topics such as nutrition and other areas of general health.

Note: We do not run exercise sessions at any fitness club such as Goodlife Fitness.
Personal exercise equipment is not necessary since your CEP will bring equipment.


Fitness Assessment

A baseline assessment of cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Certified Exercise Physiologists follow the CSEP-PATH; the official fitness testing protocol of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology ( 


Exercise Counseling

Have a Certified Exercise Physiologist visit you to discuss fitness goals, answer questions and collaborate with you on putting together a multi-month, individualized exercise program. Your CEP will use the information to design an exercise program to complete throughout the weeks as well as discuss topics such as nutrition and other areas of general health to achieve your goals. Each subsequent follow-up visit will include discussion and evaluation of the progress of your health and fitness goals, learning new exercises specific to your program, and receiving new take-home exercise programs.