Focus on Wholeness

Human beings are made up several dimensions: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Increasingly, science is demonstrating the inter-connectedness of these components. "Wholeness" describes the goal of achieving not merely healing a certain set of symptoms, but rather the aim to bring all these spheres into harmony in order to experience optimal health. And it is my firm conviction that the calling of a doctor is to address an individual with this aim in mind and a whole-person lens must be used in order for this to be accomplished.



  1. Whole person care: humans are a composite of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components, and we can only experience optimal health and wholeness when all these spheres are addressed. 
  2. Uniqueness of all: every person is unique which necessitates individualized treatment plans.
  3. Treat the cause: symptoms are cured when the root cause is addressed.
  4. Prevention is ideal: to avoid disease is far better than to treat it. 
  5. Knowledge is power: effective education in clinic equips people for success in public. 
  6. Co-operate with nature:  the body has power to heal itself. The doctor's duty is to support it.
  7. Lifestyle first: nutrition, exercise, hydration, sunlight, self-control, fresh air, rest and other lifestyle behaviors are primary; pills, drops, tablets, injections, and capsules are secondary.
  8. Trust in the Divine: patient and doctor must direct their faith to a higher power for optimal health and wholeness