How much exercise?


Diet and exercise in combination are essential for weight management. But how much exercise  is necessary for weight loss? Well, a 2017 paper reported on findings from the LOOK AHEAD weight loss study.


What did they study? 

They assessed the effect of 4 different exercise categories on weight loss over 1 year and over 4 years.


What were the results?

 There were two key findings: 

  1. % weight change after 1 year was greatest in those who exercised more than 150 minutes per week
  2. % weight change after 4 years was greatest in those who exercised more than 250 minutes per week

Note: the exercise was moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.




The findings in this study do not differ much from previous reports. It appears that, at least, aiming for greater than 150 minutes per week of physical activity as part of a comprehensive program would give individuals the best chance to assist in managing their weight.



Unick, J & GaussoinS et al. Objectively-assessed physical activity and weight loss maintenance among individuals enrolled in a lifestyle intervention. Obesity. 2017 November ; 25(11): 1903 – 1909. doi: 10.1002/oby.21971


George Cho